It’s not always easy to get things right and it’s not always easy to please everybody.  But we’re hoping we can use our blog to make decision making easier and we will from time to time be seeking your opinions on important decisions.  We can’t change things if we don’t know what people are thinking.  Please take part, it doesn’t take a second to vote and we’d really appreciate your input.

We’ve decided to kick off by asking your opinion on fancy dress days. We are aware that this is something of an issue. 

On the one hand we want children to get involved in fund raising and fancy dress days are fun and memorable for them.  And that is a big part of what the PFA is about, having fun and making our children’s school experiences special and memorable.  Non-uniform days are fine, but not very special or memorable.

On the other hand we realise that fancy dress usually requires some effort on the part of parents.  You may feel it takes up time (and money) that you just can’t spare. (Perhaps you’d rather donate time or money in different and more productive ways? Let us know in the comments!)   You may feel, it wouldn’t be so bad if we just gave you more notice of these fancy dress days so that you can get your act together, or would that just be prolonging the agony?!!!

Thanks for taking time to vote.  Perhaps you have some alternative suggestions, let us know in the comments below.  Is there a PFA issue you’d like us to put to the vote?  Again, let us know, we really want to hear from you.