Well we have had our first full week back at school, I hope you have all settled in well. All the teachers our pleased with how the term has started, and have given me some of the best work of the week to add on our blog.

Lets start with nursery, The children in nursery Red class are very young most have not long turned 3 years and it is a big start for them to come to school! they have been doing rhymes. Here is Joel Dunn-fox’s humpty dumpty.

Humpty dumpty


Well done Joel this is great!

Here is some work from reception Orange class, some of them may have been at this school for a year but they are still little and now doing full days!


school 009

The teacher has put a little note on the work, ‘A good try Katie well done now can you have a go in your practice book’.  Yes well done Katie I love the colours you used.

school 010

 Teacher note reads ‘A great try Ashli-mai now can you have a go at using the sand trays to write your letters’.  Sand trays that sounds like fun did you enjoy that Ashli-mai?


Teachers note ‘ A good try Jessica – keep practising in your sound book’.  This is a lovely snake Jessica.

On to Green class

Danny Dale has done us a drawing of his house, I am glad to see it is a nice sunny day in his drawing we have not had enough sun this year.

Sunny day

Yellow class have been doing health eating, some of these meals look great enough to make anyone hungry.

Healthy eating

This looks like a good meal, nice work Chloe.

health eating

Hope you are hungry Richard lots of good food here.

Blue class have got some written work for us.


It Reads: The Fairground  I walked into the fairground and I felt dazzled because it looked thrilling and very very fun with lots of fun rides. I could hear music coming from the rides along with screaming from the rollercoster’s. I could smell hotdogs from the hotdog stand floating in the air. I think the fairground is a lot of fun.

Teacher put: What a super description. I feel as if i’m almost there.

This work is written by Declan Billings. I loved this it made me want to go to the fair and eat a hot dog! Very well done Declan.

Last but not least Indigo class



 Shield reads: I work hard on evreything I do.  Knowing how to read and write.  I stand up for my family.  My family and my dog are the speshel things in life. My moto treating others as the treat me.

This shield has been done by Billy Hawley, it looks like he put in a lot of hard work here.  Well done Billy.


Reads: Intelligent kids with smart brains, Now we’re the biggest we’re the best, Do you want to be tall instead of small, Interesting class that find out lots of things, Golden stars with lots of smiles, Old and great but our teachers the best.

I enjoyed reading this well done Martha Birch-Machin.