Hello once again I am impressed with the work I have been given for this week why not take a look for your self.

Humpty Dumpty

Isabella M’Gregor Humpty Dumpty Red class

Nursery are doing well, they are so young but this art work is GREAT!

Next up we have some panting by Caitlin Crambie.  This is a great self portrait Caitlin.

self portrait


Next up I get to be very proud as my son Tilden, from Yellow class got picked by Mr brown, for some great writing.

monster story


Reads: A boy and a girl wre mooving house. They Tooc The monster with them. he livd in the shed.

Teacher writes: Well done Tilden writing this all by yourself. Next time can you make your  ‘.’ smaller? A challenge for you.  S.T.

Now some work from Jack Tatton in Blue class.  I must say Very Neat writing Jack well done.

Jack Tatton

Reads: One dark stormy morning old tom and mowser decided they should go out to sea. So they finely got to the harbour and got prepared to fight against the hard heavy waters.  WOOSH CRASH BANG the boat nearly tipped over. when they got to the harbour they pulled the boat in. when they got home they had the fish.