Well we are only 4 weeks in the work keeps getting better!

veg face

fruit face

Nursery Red class are now doing work about themselves and family.  So here we have fruit and veg face from Ellie Millward.  I like the smiley banana.

repeating pattern

 Reception Orange class are doing repeating patterns, here is one from Brandon Mottram. I think he has done very well keeping his drawing very neat.

Wild story

 Ella Clowes from Yellow class has done us a story. It reads:

Once upon a time max went to bed he went on a bot wen he got there he went to the willd things.  max is bedroom ternd in to a jungll.

Well done Ella very neat Writing.

Wild things

Jessie Stone from Green class has also got a story on wild things.

It reads: One night there was a boy who was drest up as a wolf his bed room groo in to a forest the oshn came in and there was a qrivit boat wot had his name on and he went on it and he went to where the wild Things Are.

Well done Jessie good spacing between your words.


 Here we have some writing from Ryan Kirkland in Blue class, it reads:

October is my Mums birthday.  November is my dads birthday.  On Wednesday is my Brothers birthday.  Tyler and Tyler are loud. January is my uncles birthday.  February is my cusonz birthday. 

I have a sore knee.

I know it’s my birthday.

Well done you have a lot of birthdays to remember Ryan.

The raiders

Here is some writing from Connor Brass in Indigo Class, it reads:  

The raiders crept towards the village .  They used axes to attack the gate.  The raiders yelled terrible bloodcurdling cries.  The villagers defended themselves with swords and sticks.  The raider whirled his axe around his head.  The axe sliced Edric’s (farl) father’s sword in two.  Edric flung the wooden swallow at the raider.  The raiders staggered back dropped the axe.

Teacher says: Well done Connor. Now try to remember some of these powerful verbs.

Well Connor you should be proud! this is some fine writing not only is it neat but very good spelling.