Hello, sorry I missed putting on work last week I will not let it happen again!  But I have made it up to you this week or should I say the children have here is some truly brilliant work!!

Lets start with Red class they have made a display which has gone up in the hall way, It looks great!  Take a good look on monday if you are there for parents evening.  If not here is a photo for you.



Here is a close up for you, they have done well.



On to Orange class, First we have some work from Jacob Greenfield. I am told he really enjoyed the letter ‘C’.  When looking at the letter ‘C’ they explored/investigated crayfish from the river.  They looked at their shape and their claws and colour.  Jacob enjoyed watching the crayfish and comparing them to other animals/insects in the role play area.


We have also got a display from orange class,

We are Talented/awesome

They are talented, what an awesome class.

look at us.

look at us


On to green class, they have also been working as a group on a great display!




Yellow class, We have some science sorting by Amy Mayland. Well done Amy!


Mr Brown said: Great sorting Amy were any of the not living things living once?

Blue class; Caine has done some writing for us.

Viking Raiders

The work reads; My name is Ragnar Thorkbeard and I an a viking raider. I hear people screeming like hel and I smell the horible salty sea. I feel so rich with all this treasure. I see afew other viking longships. I can hear lots of tinging because everyone waves there swords. when Im on land I can smell blood and see lots of dead bodies. I feel ready to fight.

Indigo class; Molly Daniels has done us some fantastic art!

Molly Daniels

Well done Molly! This is great work I can not paint as good as this and I am 30!