Hello hope you all had a good half term.  We have not got long to christmas now, our fair is for thursday 3rd December if anyone can offer us help with running a stall please let me know. Now here is some great work from our children…

Lets get started with Red nursery class, they have been doing numbers 1-5 as a class here is some of their work.

Leila's number 1

We have number 1 from Leila,

Emily's number 2

Number 2 from Emily R,

Luke's number 3

Number 3 from Luke,

Holly's number 4

Number 4 from Holly,

Lucy's number 5

Lucy has done number 5 for us.

They have all work well looks like they enjoyed it.

Now on to Orange …They have been doing pen control,Harvey Hambleton

Harvey Hambleton has got good pen control, keeping in the line well here.

Yellow class Have got some writing for us…

Holly Rhead

It reads…

One day my monster was caught soon bats. he caught ten bats. My monster wer soft. and he go she has. got stripes she love her stripes. and she go wiggly. fingers.and she go good fingers. 

Teachers comment… What lovely writing Holly Challenge: to think carefully where to put full-stops.

I think Holly has done well with this it looks neat.

Green class have  been writing on the computer about fire works,

Paige Johnson

Paige Johnson has got us a great poem for us it reads….

Look at the beautiful light The fireworks go bang at night look at the pretty colours all shining and bright

This is good the use of colours is great well done Paige! 

Blue class have also been doing fireworks…

Paige Birks

This is by Paige Birks and reads… I feel excited when the fireworks go bang.  There are all differant colours.  Lots of people watching as the fireworks sizzle.

Well done Paige I also feel excited when fireworks go bang.

Indigo class have got some writing for us on Anne Frank…Connor Brass

This work is by Connor Brass and reads….

Anne Frank was born in 1929 in germany. Her parents lived there for many years. On her 13th birthday her father brought a diary. She named it kitty and wrote in it every day. Then she moved to Amsterdam and stayed in a secret hiding place. She had a secret door behind a book shelf, and lived there for 2 years untill they were found they were taken to different camps and Anne Frank finally died at the age of 15 in Belsen.

On the photo the children are saying….

‘Where are we going brother? who is going to look after us’                                                                                        

 ‘I dont know. I hope it is someone nice.’ 

 ‘Mummy! come with me! I am scared!’

Well done Connor you should be very happy with yourself this is a great work!!