Hello hope you are all well as always some great work from the children, please let us know what you think….

Lets start with Red class Nursery they have got us a fire work painting from Molly very colourful I love it.

On to orange class they have been busy having lots of fun.

Work reads… Orange class-on Friday our learing was all based around the rhyme ‘the queen of hearts’

The Queen of Hearts, she made some tarts,
All on a summer’s day;
The Knave of Hearts, he stole those tarts,
And took them clean away.

curriculum links- communication language & literacy- following instructions. 

phonics-J for Jam.

Physical development- action rhymes and mixing/rolling pastry

Mathematical development (psrn) – weighing & measuring and using appropriately terms like light/heavier/about the same.

creative development – singing action rhymes and using the role play area which is the queens castle.

Knowledge & understanding of the world – show an awareness of the change that occurs during baking.

personal social & Emotional development- turn taking and sharing our tarts with nursery and year 1 understanding about rules and why the Knave was wrong to steal the tarts!

Well the tarts sound like fun to make and good to eat. On to Yellow class…

Rosemary has got us some work on sources of light,  touch, fire, stars, sun, fire works. Well done rosemary this is great!

Green class have been working with money adding up the pennies…


9p + 6p = 15p

4p + 5p = 9p

5p + 6p = 11p

2p + 8p = 10p

3p + 7p = 10p

9p + 3p = 12p

4p + 2p = 6p

9p + 2p = 11p

8P + 7p = 16p

3p + 6p = 9p

8p + 3p =11p

10p + 5p = 15p

8p + 10p =18p

This is great maths By Ellie.

I am sorry but this is all the work that I was able to get this week hope you enjoy it as much as me.