Hello hope this finds you all well, did you enjoy fancy dress on friday?  Let me know if not, maybe you have ideas for other fun days. The PFA blog fairy told me that the children had a lot of fun, and my boys loved it.   Any way on to our children’s work.

Red class have been making clowns this week, I know that I have said it before but I am going to say it again the children in nursery are only 3 or 4 years old and they are already very talented!

This clown is by Tylor, very well done Tylor this is a very happy looking clown with grate Hair!

Orange class, Brandon Mottram has got a drawing for us….

A car was under the house, The tree was next to the house, the sun was above the man.

Very good Brandon very detailed you have written your name well.

Green class has some written work for us by Jessica E ….

Reads….   Who Am I?

I have blak hair.  I have a red bow on my hair.  and I have a blue dres.  I am kind to evry one.  I clen the steps owt side.  I went to a cotigge to see the dworff.     Snow white.

Teacher says… great clues Jessica.

Yellow class have us a great drawing by Amy Mayland…..

Reads… WANTED Big bad wolf   For gold coins he likes to eat people he is scary and ate grandma!

Well done Amy this was always one of my favorite stories.

Blue class have got a snake! for us by Cara Dunn- fox…

Reads…. Wild SNEAKY and quite thin its a snake quick RUN! this snake is wild. Help Im scared The snake is chasing us. I dont like this snake. Hes got evil eyes hes going to bite me. BEWARE of the snake, dont dare to go near it. The snake is very nauty. hiss hiss gos the snake. The snake has a forked tongue. The snake is still chasing us.

Indigo class have been to shugborough Cameron Birks tells us about it…..



When we arrived at shugborugh the weather was really grey and damp. The whole estate was covered in a blanket of mist.  Mr.Rizzo and Miss Hawkes, our teachers at shugborough, met us off the bus.

Daily tasks

My task was to do the toiltes and the drying room it was smelly and cold.


There was a climing wall and archery, orienteering the last one is bridge building.

My best achievement

My best achievement was archery because I got to the middle. I did not think I could do it.

It sounds like they had a good time with lots to do.