Well sorry it has taken a few days to get this one together, Last week the children had a Science week parents got to come in and take part too lots of fun was had and we have put some of it on here for you to see….

Beresford Memorial CE(A) First School – Science Day

The latest ‘Science Day’ at Beresford First School was held on Friday 27th November 2009. During this day each teacher organised one Science activity which was then differentiated and delivered to each year group.

Parents were invited to join in with the children during the final lesson of the day to observe their investigative skills and to show-case how Science is now done at Beresford First School.

Here are some of the comments that the parents offered at the end of the day.

“Enjoyable experiment, enjoyed taking part with the kids. A good idea to learn about Science simply.”

 “I really enjoyed making the slime with the children and enjoyed their enthusiasm. Science afternoon was a great success”

 “Enjoyable experience, fun, exciting, educational, messy, but – BRILL” 

“A very good experiment, learning how to make slime. Enjoyed taking part and learning and helping with the children. It was a little messy but fun.” 

“We had a lovely time working with the children. They had fun learning with us”

“I really enjoyed making the slime with children. It was nice seeing the children’s faces with a smile on.”

Here are some of the comments that the children offered at the end of the day.

 “I didn’t like Science until now” – Sophie, Year 3

Science can be fun and we are still learning. It makes us want to do more science and more science days” – Harry, Year 4

 “We always thought that Science would be boring but it can be fun” – Clare, Year 4

“I liked thinking of my own question to investigate with slime” – Tyler, Year 3

 “Unbelievably amazing!” – Brandon, Year 3