Well we are now in December not along till Santa comes now! It has been a very busy week with the Christmas far and christmas play from Red /Orange class I have to say that the Play was Great!! the children and staff worked very hard Well done to you all!! Now for the children’s work… 

Green class has some written work for us By Katie….

It reads

My fairytale

One afternoon Cinderella tried the glass slipper she met a wolf in the woods The wolf was frendly And the wolf has brwon fur. The wolfs name is frend. The wolf has got a baby the babys name was katie the end.

I think this is a great story well done Katie.

Yellow class also has us some written work by Olivia Hudson….

Olivia’s story reads

Once apon a time there were a littel box called Darran he wer a fishingman hoo were por he did not havf eneethin to eat but he went to the layk evre day to get to get sum wauter to Drink but there were now fish but he had sum hunnee from the three heres side that he needed to gow there hem but he didont he went to the sea.

Teacher said: This is a great made up story Olivia could you use the puppets in our room to tell the story to a friend.

Well done Olivia a very good story.

Now Ellie Brown from Blue class has a Healthy sandwich…


Yesterday I made a Healthy sandwich First Mrs Leese gave me two slices of bread. Then I speded salad cream on both slices of the bread. After that I grated cheese on the mat and sprincled it on one slice of the bread Next I chopped 4 slices of cucumber up and placed it on the bread. Then I cut it into 4 triangles. Finaly I ate my delishous yummy healthy sandwich.

Sounds good to me can we have one next time.