Hello how are you all? Well I  hope, Here we have this weeks best and the children have worked hard as always. We have every thing from what to wear in the cold snow we have had – to Little Miss Muffet and more enjoy….

First up is nursery Red class they have done winter clothing, here we have a drawing from Cadman Goodenough (yes I know my boy again what can I say he is a bright little man).

Orange class have been talking about the fun they have had in the snow Evie Lane has us a great drawing it sounds like they had a lot of fun.

Reads – I went sledging

Teacher said – Well done Evie you have used ours words to make a good sentence, next time can you have a go at writing your own words.

Green class have done some maths, Jack Richardson has done well he knows his numbers.

15 / 5 = 3            12 / 2 = 6         16 / 4 = 4          18 / 6 = 3

Yellow class have done geography we have a map from Claire Ballard, this is good work Claire well done.

teacher said – Great Claire which continent is england in? Can you tell me?

Yes you Can! well done.

Blue class have done monsters here is 1 from Caine Rushton, I for one am glad he is not real.

electribro – Has got  A Sharp horn, Pointy ears, red scary eyes, metal teeth, electic marks, sharp claws and dangerous fur.

Indigo class have done some written work on the computer, Molly Daniels has Little Miss Muffet for us.

Reads – There was once was a girl called Miss Muffet. Miss Muffet was a nine year old girl who lived in  a cottage called Rose Petal cottage. One day she skipped to her favourite tuffet with her bowl and spoon. Miss Muffet liked her tuffet so much that she sat there almost every day.

All of  a sudden something caught Miss Muffet’s eye. It was a spider. She started to shake in HORROR! It was the hairiest, greyest, ugliest spider you could ever see or imagine. The spider was staring at Miss Muffet’s curds and whey. She screamed in terror.

Little Miss Muffet never sat on her favourite tuffet EVER AGAIN!

Teacher said – super paragraphs to tell the story of Little Miss Muffet, Molly.