Hello, hope you had a good week.  Here is this weeks best! We have everything from snowmen to maps….Enjoy.

Red class have made snowmen here we have one from Tonisha Lowe.

He is a happy looking snowman, did you make a real one at home Tonisha? Well done!

Yellow class have some written work for us by Amber Whilock.

Reads: Wednesday 20th Jan     Mystery Object

It looks like a bell or a candel holder. It is made of wood and metal. It got left at school. It could be used for a bell, because they let water through because it is a washing machine used in the olden days.

Teacher said. Good describing of the object by answering the questions that we thought of in our discussion work.

Blue class also have written work for us, by Eleanor Brown.


Pelia put Ason in prison and told Jason to get the fleece.

First he found the bestest ship bilder to bild a boat.

Jason and his orgonorts set sail in the orgo.

He went to kings house and fought the birds.

He set sail again and gets to the crashing rocks.

He fought the dragon got the fleece and married Media.

Indigo class have a great map of India for us by Saj.