Hello as always the children have worked hard, here is some great work from every class…………..

Red claas have a real star for us well done TJ it is great!

Orange class have us some work from Katie Rhead

Teacher said- A great try Katie you can easily talk about position words-now can you use them on the climbing toy outside?

Yellow and Green class have been working on aliens here we have 2 alien planets.

Maddie from Green class

Claire from Yellow class

Blue class have some great art by Eleanor Brown and Porshia Johnson.

Indigo class have some written work for us by Christina Johnson.

Reads – The Journey

In India lots people pick their tea to ern some money.

In India lots of people plant tea from little seedlings, every 15 days wumen pick the top of the tes fealds then they toss the tea leaves into a basket on their backs.

They take the tea leaves to a drying factory. They dry the tea then sort it out. Then they take it to a ship to transport it a round the world.

Then taken to supermarkets then you come to the supermarket and bay it then you go houme and drink the tea can you see the journey of tea?

Teacher said – Yes well done. Are there other words to use instead of ‘then’ all the time? use a dictionary and write them in your magpie book.