Hello sorry it has taken me a while to put this one on, we went off to see family for the hols hope you all had as much fun as us. Here is the work you have been waiting for. First up is Red class and Once again I get to be a proud Mum, I know you are all going to say it is fixed! But I am only putting on the work that is given to me.

Teacher said – Cadman had a discussion book to share with parents at home, called The Hedgehog. During free choice activity he made his own hedgehog – saying this is the hedgehog from my story book.

Next we have orange class and Tyler worthington has been having fun with Humpty Dumpty.

Teacher said – Here is a Humpty Dumpty Puppet made to go with our nursery rhyme telling.

Grees class have got us a helicopter from Paige.

Very good Paige can you take us some where nice?