Hi Debbie here, as you know by now I am chair of the PFA.  I only started as chair in April 09 and have never done anything like this before.  So the blog fairy and I got together and came up with this site.  On this page I intend to let you know how much we’ve raised and what we’re going to do with it.

What goes on at meetings?  Well first things first, tea gets made and cakes or biscuits come out!  We have a little chat about this and that ( how are you, etc) Then we normally plan the next event, talk about how well an event went, what we raised and what we are going to spend it on.  We always welcome new parents, grandparents or any other family member! We are more than happy for you to bring younger children and babies, we’re used to working round them! Do not feel that if you come you will have to do lots or say lots or even have ideas, just come, have fun and make friends.