Hello hope this finds you well, sorry it has taken me so long to put work on this week. I have had a long and mad weekend, this is the first chance I have had to put it on. But here is this weeks best…

Red and orange class have been working on chinese dragons, they have been learning all about the chinese New Year customs and celebrations. They know that this year is the year of the Tige. They have leared about the tradition of giving a gift of lucky money and cleaning our houses. They have also look at differant dragons and know that the dragon dance is a very important part of the celebrations.

Red class have us a dragon from Zack,

Orange class have us a dragon Puppet from Ashi-mai,

Green class have some written work for us by Katrina and Leo,

It reads – Own day there was a man called Joseph Montgolfier. He thought about trying to make a paper hot air ballon he did it and all the people were cheering. Next another person made a balloon using gas. Joseph tested the balloon with animals it. It was ok so then people could ride on it.

Yellow class have us a hot air balloon by Leah mills,

Blue class alos have us some written work by Georgia wood

It reads – Crocodile A people eater. A jaw snapper. A scale back cracer. Sarp tooth snapper. A tree blender.

Teacher said – Fabulous goergia next time see if you can make it rhyme.

Indigo class have us a Mendhi Pattern by Clare Edgecox