Hello the end of an other week already, and now we are in March how did that happen? well I know what you are here for, so I will just get on with it………

First we have Orange class, they have been writing number 1-10 this week here is some great number work by Caitlin…

Green and yellow class have been working on the first aeroplane! Must be a fun topic, here we have a drawings from Leah and Megan…

Blue class have us some writing by Cara dunn-fox, I think it is great.

Reads –

Lovely and gentle

Always crawling around

Doesn’t like being picked up

You put me down

Bad people I will go to find another home down the town

I love ladybird

Really small

Discusting mud is what they live in.

Indigo Class have us some writting by Sophie Oakes


When I was making the salad my job was to cut the cucumber in to small chunks. Thay wir hod to cut because you had to cut it one way then a nuver way. As I put all the salad ingredients onto the bowl I thought it looked colfle. If I make the salad again I will tac the oliv out and tak the tomatoo out and add pster.

Teacher said Sounds good.