Hello hope you are all well, the work from our children just keeps getting better here we have this weeks best let us know what you think,……..

Starting with Red class we have some Indian art, Rangoli patterns. By Regan,

Orange class have been doing mothers day picture’s here is one by Emily Harvey

Yellow class also have been doing for mother’s day here is a card form Tilden, Yes I did enjoy my tea thanks

Green class have us some written work from William about landing on the moon,

It reads – I opend the droo of the eagle, It looked sandy, dark but also gloomy. Slowly I climde down the ladder. I fellt cold. Next Igot a bag, then put moon rock inside it. bounced acroos the moon Next I put a flag in the moon. I fellt inpresed. Finally I went home and watht good bi to the weeyd world.

Teacher said – Great writing, birthday boy! Now keep using time words and connectives in your other writing

Blue class have got us work on Magnets by Bailey

Reads – I thick that the hoof will hold the most becuase it has the most manic in sad it.

Indigo class have us a post card from sam

It reads – Dear mum,

I have arrived safely here at Kokini Hani and I am sitting near the balcony and it is a wonderful veiw. The airport took 2 hours 10 mins and the airport was at heraklion. The taverna is like a small bar, the temp is 24c and the beach is sand and shingle. The Greek salad was gorgous and I will have it again. It is a beach based hoilday with summer fruit. The hours of sun is 2 and 13 hours. I am going to bed and I am sorting my bed. I am swimming in. the swimming pool and I am doing the front crawl.

love from Sam

Teacher said – An interesting postcard ~ do you think you’ll go there one day? Maybe said sam