Hello all hope you are well this week we have work from, Ellie in red class, Class work from orange class, Jessie, Katie, Tommy, Jake, Megan, and Sione from green class, Richard from yellow class, Aston from blue class and Sophie from indigo class. enjoy….

Red class up first here we have a painting from Ellie, she has painted us a picnic. Lots of wild life, Caterpillar, ladybird, snake and a fly. great use of colour Ellie.

Orange class have been working as a class about people who help us.

Teacher writes – Orange class have been thinking about people who help us. Our art display links with the ”school street hospital” in the role play. This week we have also had a visit from some friendly police ladies. Maybe you will find out more about that soon.

 On friday as a whole foundation stage went to visit the hens, Cockerell and tiny chicks. Many thanks to rev and Mrs Woods for sharing their birds with us and for answering all of the children’s questions.

Superhero tally chart from Jessie, katie, Tommy, Jake, Sione and Megan in green class. They went in to indigo class to find out who is the best super hero, I know iron man is good but I like Elasta girl.

 Yellow class are also doing superhero’s here is some work from Richard.

Richard has a super hero newspaper Article for us it reads – Last week someone was stuk in a building on fire. Then the superhero saved the person. He jumped up the building. He got the man owt safely.

What a good story Richard.

Blue class have been working on road safety here is a great drawing from Aston luke.

1. find a safe place to cross.

2. wait behind the kerb.

3. wait for cars to pass.

4. look both ways and listen for traffic.

5. cross the road safely

Indigo class have been working on Spiders here Sophie tells us all about them.


Spiders eat flies and other insects. They make sticky webs to catch them.

The web is a food store. The spider eat the flies when it gets hungry.

Spiders have oily feet. These stop them from getting stuck in their webs.