This week we have work from… Red class Regan Clowes, Orange class Brandon Mottram, Green class Katie Barker, Yellow class Mikey Isaacs, Blue class Ryan Ball and Indigo class Bradley James………..

Regan Clowes from Red class has made us a great dog, he looks very friendly.

Orange have been writing their name here is Brandon Mottram’s very neat!

Green class have been working on Hero’s here is some writing from Katie Barker.

Reads; Wonder Womans real name is Diana  Prince. She has a goldon crown. She has red boots. She has logo an her soot. She has Black hair. Her gadgit is a lasow. She has Blue eyes. Her hair is long. She has a red and gold top.

Teacher said ; Fantastic! well done for correcting your own work and putting in the capital letters.

Yellow class are also working on heros here is some work from Mikey Isaacs.

Reads;  “help”   ” I can help sumwon”   ” I am helping sxuk”    “help me”    ” I am coming to help”   

Teacher said ; You have used speech bubbles really well!

Poster work from blue class this one is by Ryan Ball.

Indigo class have been working on Herbivore, Carnivore or Omnivore, this work is by Bradley James.

Reads; Herbivore – Slugs, Snails, Worms, Caterpillars, Cows, Sheep.

               Omnivore – Frog, Toads, Humans Badger

               Carnivore – Crocodile, Tiger, Lions, Cheetah, Snake, Fox.