The PFA is a meeting between parents/guardians and Mrs Taylor, the head teacher, which gives us the opportunity to discuss the school and our children’s lives in school.
With the funds we raise we also contribute towards daytrips and activities within the school, such as disco nights and the Summer & Xmas fairs.
In recent months our member numbers have been very low (to be honest we are now down to just 3!!) so we are really encouraging you to get involved with us and pass on ideas and thoughts you may have.
 There are two scheduled meetings that we would love to see you at! All welcome young and old – parents, grandparents, other family members (small are very children are welcome too)                         
Friday 14th May 2010 – 1.00pm this meeting will be short so a great time to see to what it is all about.
Friday 18 June 2010 – 1.00pm this meeting will be a little longer as we have things to plan for summer BQQ
We look forward to meeting any of you who wish to Join us.
                        Gaynor Whalley
                         Beresford PFA