This week we have work from……Holy Mayland from red class, class work from orange class, Amber whilock & Emma Edgecox & Richard Morris from yellow class, Jessica Everill from green class, Cara dunn-fox from blue class and Sophie Holland from indigo class….

Red class have been making colour codes here are some colurful bear by Holly Mayland,

Orange class have used the story of the rainbow fish to learn why it is good to share and to think about how important our friends are. Why not go and see their fishy display.

Yellow class have comic strips from Amber Whilock, Emma Edgecox and Richard Morris.

Green class have some sewing from Jessica Everill, (she is better than me already).

Blue class have been working on road safety this is what Cara Dunn-fox has for us.

 Reads: 1. Find a safe place to cross.   2. Stand away from the kerb.  3. Look both ways and listen for traffic.  4. If traffic is coming let it pass.  5. Then if traffic has gone walk straight across the road dont run.

Always remember to hold a grown ups hand if your with one. Also you should remember to listen for traffic. Always concentrate on what your doing. REMEMBER! stand away from the kerb and let traffic pass. Dont wear or use or play with ipods, Mp3 players, phones, ds’s psp’s or dsi’s while crossing the road. Remember not to run across the road. Never stand close to the kerb or you will get hit by the mirror and your toes might get sqaushed.

Indigo class have been doing repeating pattens using paint package on computer, here is one by Sophie Holland.