This week we have work from – Isabel Rhead in Red class, Ellie Dawson in Yellow class, Katie Barker and Ellie Cummings in Green class, Ryan Ball in blue class, We also have group work from Indigo class and Orange class. Enjoy…..

Isabel Rhead from red class coloured her bear picture then cut it out independently to make a Jig-saw.

This week Orange class have been learning about mini-beasts. We have made our investigation area with an ant farm and a worm farm. To join our tadpoles – please come and have a closer look!

Ellie Dawson from Yellow class can match an amount to objects.

Teacher said – Well done Ellie. You are able to match up to ten items when written in words. How much fruit would I have altogether if I had six oranges and three  apples?

Katie Barker from Green class has been doing number words,

Reads; forty-seven, thirty, eighty-six, ninety-eight, fifteen, ten, thirty-seven, eighty-six, fifty-one, sixty-nine.

Teachers challenge  – to practise writing three digit number words;  274,  361.

Ellie Cummings from Green class has done us a book review,

Reads;      Book title: Horrid Henry’s sports day.    Author: Francesca Simon.    Main character: Horrid Henry.

What happened to this character: He was eating his brecfst in the moning then he did Next was tacing to haf a plan his plan was to swop the eggs.

A good word to describe this story: excellent.

Out of 10, I give it a score of : 10

Book title: Horrid Henry’s school trip.     Author: Francesca Simon.    Main character: Horrid Henry

What happened to this character: First horrid Henry shoutid at his dad. Next he got in a mood because he was in a mood then he strangrid peter.

A good word to describe this story: Funny

Out of 10 I give it a score of : 10

Teachers challenge – to read one of our Horrid Henry books with Megan and tell us about it.

Ryan Ball from blue class has some work on Poole’s Cavern,


On Tuesday we went to Poole’s Cavern. The cave was made out of limestone. The person who showed us around the cave is Alan. First he told us that people live in the cave. We saw a big stalagmite called the flitch of bacon. A Alan told us that somebody threw a stone at the flitch of bacon. Further on in the cave there ia a pouched egg chamber. It is called the poached egg chamber because stalagmites are orange on top. At the end of the cave there is some white rocks.

Teacher said; Well done Ryan. You have remembered lots.

Indigo class spent Monday at Lichfield Cathedral, where they all had an excellent time. We had prayers and worship, listened to the organ (over 5000 pipes), completed workshop activities including illuminated design, stained glass and tapestry and enjoyed a visit from the Bishop. It was a full and exciting day enjoyed by both children and staff.