This week we have work from – Tyler Harvey in red class, Molly Richardson in orange class, Chole Dale & Claire Ballard in Yellow class and Harry Mcgregon in Indigo class. Hope you enjoy………

Tyler Harvey from red class has made us a butterfly,

Molly Richardson has been doing maths,

Reads; 5+3=8,  6+5=11,  6+3=p,  1+2=3,  6+1=7,  10+3=13,  10+4=14,  10+1=11,  10+6=16.

Teacher said; Fantastic work Molly this shows me you can add 2 numbers together and record your work. Now can you practice the way we write number ‘9’ please?

Yellow class have been working on the great Fire of London, here claire Ballard has as a drawing,

and another from Chole Dale,

Harry McGregon in Indigo class has us some Transition work,