Hi, my name’s Debbie and I’m the chair of The Beresford Parent and Friends Association, or just PFA for short.  You may have seen me dropping my children off at school.  I’m a child minder so I look a bit like the Pied Piper with loads of kids on my trail.  Please feel free to stop and chat with me, even if I look harassed!  I’m all ears.  (Well the bits that aren’t built out of cake are ears.  Did we mention that we’re rather fond of cake at the PFA?)

Come and say Hello


The PFA is a voluntary body that raises funds to pay for all those extras that a normal school budget just doesn’t cover.  Remember your days at primary school, what made them special?  You might not remember learning your times tables, but your childhood memories are probably full of the excitement of school trips in Summer,  the eager anticipation of going on stage for a school performance or getting dressed up for the school disco. 

What we aim to do at the PFA is make our children’s lives special too. School trips, stage equipment and all those other extras require additional funds.  We are here to raise those funds.  We’re always busy organising the next fair or grocery bingo and we could always do with an extra pair of hands.  We know life is hectic but please join in with our efforts in any way you can.  Get in touch with us, we’d love to hear from you all.  (I promise we’ll share our cake!)


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