Children's Work

The children of Red, Orange, Yellow and Green class are going to do a school play on Thursday 15 July you are all welcome to come and see them the shows will be at 1.30pm and 5.30pm and last about 30 mins. They have all worked have hard and I know it will be great!


This week we have work from – Tyler Harvey in red class, Molly Richardson in orange class, Chole Dale & Claire Ballard in Yellow class and Harry Mcgregon in Indigo class. Hope you enjoy……… (more…)

Yes, Yes they make us all itch and we all hate them. But still our kids come home with them all to often. Of course we are taking about head lice, well I hope this helps here are some sites with lots of info on how to treat them!! (more…)

This week we have work from – Isabel Rhead in Red class, Ellie Dawson in Yellow class, Katie Barker and Ellie Cummings in Green class, Ryan Ball in blue class, We also have group work from Indigo class and Orange class. Enjoy….. (more…)

As you know it was Pyjama day on friday the 11th June.  This was to bring in toys and other things for our summer BBQ, lots of fun was had  by all. Please take a look at the photos for your self………… (more…)

Well this week we have got you lots of photos of the school trip that Yellow and Green class went on to the Etruria Museum in stoke. They had lots of fun seeing how people use to live, what people use to wear, how people use to paint their plates and jugs. Much more to take like look-see the fun for your self! (more…)

This week we have work from……Holy Mayland from red class, class work from orange class, Amber whilock & Emma Edgecox & Richard Morris from yellow class, Jessica Everill from green class, Cara dunn-fox from blue class and Sophie Holland from indigo class…. (more…)

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