Hello All,


Welcome back hope you had a great summer, our first PFA meeting is on Friday 17 @ 2pm all welcome!! (more…)

Hello All,

We are hoping to have a car boot/ table top sale on September 25th 2010.

Everyone is welcome to have a table or car space so start saving your

sell-able things now, It will be £4 for a table and £5 for a car and times will be 11am – 2pm.

The school will have a table, so you can donate sell-able items for it if you do not wish to run your own table (could these items please be in school for September 15th).

There will be some games, also cake stall and bacon buttys with refreshments.

To book a table/space see a member of staff or PFA.


Well not long now our BBQ is on thursday 1st July, plans are well in hand if anyone can make us some cakes please bring them to school on Wednesday or thursday thank you. There are still about 5 stalls that need someone to run them so if you are free please let me know thank you, hope you enjoy the BBQ.

As you know it was Pyjama day on friday the 11th June.  This was to bring in toys and other things for our summer BBQ, lots of fun was had  by all. Please take a look at the photos for your self………… (more…)

I just want to say how all the children were great at the disco they all said please and thank you! We all had a lot of fun.

Here you can let us know about any fun you have had doing any thing…….. I will get the ball rolling we have had the best time sledging this week jumps as well!!

I know am I 30 or 3?