The PFA are thinking about having a temporary ice skating rink
put in the hall for a day,
We would have it open for the use of anyone who would like to come.
Doing timed slots for different age groups, it would cost about £5 per person.
This would include hire of boots and 30 min’s on the ice.
Tickets would need to be bought in advance about 1 month before.
What we want to know is would you use it? Please vote by 14th June.





I just want to say how all the children were great at the disco they all said please and thank you! We all had a lot of fun.

It’s not always easy to get things right and it’s not always easy to please everybody.  But we’re hoping we can use our blog to make decision making easier and we will from time to time be seeking your opinions on important decisions.  We can’t change things if we don’t know what people are thinking.  Please take part, it doesn’t take a second to vote and we’d really appreciate your input.

We’ve decided to kick off by asking your opinion on fancy dress days. We are aware that this is something of an issue.  (more…)