I just want to say how all the children were great at the disco they all said please and thank you! We all had a lot of fun.


Hi this is where you can find lot of fun recipes.  I have enjoyed making some of these, why not have a go your self.  Then let us know what you think, was it easy, did it taste good or was it a disaster from start to finish? Hope you have as much fun as I did maybe you will even find new things for tea.

Do you have any good recipes?  If so just add them into the comments then we can all have a go  at them thanks.

Apple & berry crumble muffins, Thanks Louise for sending us this one they do sound good I will give them a go and let you know. (more…)

Hello everyone good to have you here, just wanted to ask have you voted on our poll?  If not please do let us know what you think we are ending it on Oct 31st.

Chicken & parsley meatballs with classic tomato sauce: I have not tried this yet, a friend has just given it to me hope to try next week let you know how it goes. (more…)

Fish pie with sweetcorn: I got this from tesco it makes a great meal. (more…)

Freeform plum tarts: Plums are great this time of year so why not give this a try? (more…)

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