Summer Term 2009:

Monday 19th April – Friday 28 May

( Bank Holiday Monday 3rd May)

(Holiday Monday 31st May – Friday 4 June)

Monday 7th June – Friday 23rd July.

School Year  September 2010 – July 2011

Autumn Term 2010:

(Monday 6th & Tuesday 8th sept  Staff Training days.)

Wednesday 8th september – friday 22nd october

(Holiday – Monday 25th – Friday 29th October)

Monday 1st November – Friday 17th December.

Spring Term 2011:

(Tuesday 4th January Staff Training day.)

Wednesday 5th January – Friday 18th February

(Holiday Monday 21st February – Friday 25th February)

Monday 28th February – Friday 8th April.

Summer Term 2011:

Tuesday 26th April – Friday 27th May

(Bank holiday Monday 2nd May)

(Holiday Monday 30th May – Friday 3rd June)

Monday 6th June – Monday 25th July

(Tuesday 6th & Wednesday 27th July – Staff Training Day.)


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