We keep putting the kettle on, buying in the cream cakes and waiting for everyone to turn up. Guess what? We’re getting fat eating all these cakes by ourselves. We really do understand that parents have busy lives and it’s hard to fit everything in and we also understand that not everybody feels comfortable at meetings, so we’ve decided to come to you.  Here we are in your very own home.  This is our blog, welcome to Our Virtual PFA.

Come and join us, the cakes are waiting!

Come and join us, the cakes are waiting!

Even if you can’t join us at meetings held at school, we hope you will join us in our cosy corner of the web.  We will be: 

Featuring  school work by your children (a good reason to check us out regularly.)

Updating you on our news and fundraising efforts and letting you know where all the money goes.

Holding opinion polls so that you can have your say on PFA issues.

Having some really fun photo and recipe competitions.  Have a laugh and get involved.

Featuring a regular congratulations page.  If you know anyone from our school community who is celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, a new birth or an achievement let us know so that we can all congratulate them too.

How easy is all this?  You don’t even have to leave home!  Feel free to comment on all of our entries, even if it’s just to say ‘Hi!’  or ‘Like the website!’  We thrive on positive feedback.  Give us a pat on the back and it will make us work harder for all our children.  Go on, just type in a few words of encouragement!

Just a reminder; keep it clean and keep it friendly.  We all have different opinions and views, but remember at the end of the day we are all here to make our children’s lives better.  This is not a place to air grievances about the school, we strongly advise that you arrange to talk to Mrs Taylor if you have any pressing concerns.  The PFA is strictly about fund-raising, community building and having fun together.  The PFA Blog Fairy will have no choice but to remove any remarks that could be deemed as offensive!

Visit our Help! FAQs page if you need to find out more about this site and how to use it.  Thanks again for joining us, we really appreciate it. 


22 Responses to “Welcome to Our Virtual PFA”

  1. Gill Blakeman Says:

    Very interesting. A lot of work has gone into this blog. Thanks for supporting the school in this way I hope the parents appreciate all that you do.

    1. ourpfa Says:

      Hi Gill Glad you like the site, I have had a lot of help setting it up from my good friend Mandy. I only hope I am that She is happy with how it is going.

  2. Mel Williams Says:

    Hi Debbie,
    Just like to thank you and our virtual PFA as being away last week I was unsure of what day the kids go back. the school website says Mon 3rd Nov and the news letter says Tues 2nd Nov…none of which exist…lol
    Thanks to you and this site I’ve got it right.

    1. ourpfa Says:

      Hi Mel glad we could help, Hope you enjoy the rest of the site Debbie

  3. Louise Foggin Says:

    Hi Debs sorry its been a while, things look to be going well. I might try your cookie recipe this week as its half term they sound yummy,thought you might like to try this recipe for apple & berry crumble muffins yum. (can be found on our recipe page)
    Will check in again soon to see what else the children have been up to, bye for now louise.

    1. ourpfa Says:

      Hi Louise thanks for the recipe I have put it on our recipe page. Looking forward to trying them, call you soon. Debbie

  4. Paula Pearce Says:

    I love this website it is great to see what great work my nephew does, just wished the school in my area done this. Well done to everyone for the time and effort to set this up it is really appreciated.

    1. ourpfa Says:

      Hi Paula glad you like the site. Why not tell the school near you about our blog we would be happy to help them start thier own.

  5. what a smashing idea..great for us parents and family members to keep updated with events etc with our children at school, only just found you lol? and carnt wait to check it all out im sure it will be a great sucess well done to Deb and all involved x

    1. ourpfa Says:

      Thanks for stopping in, sorry it took you some time to find us not sure what happened there. Glad you kept trying there will be lots going on so please come back.

      1. will be with you all the way now deb cant wait to see whats going on x

  6. Louise Foggin Says:

    Hi this blog is a great idea i live a long way from my nephews and this is a good way to find out what their up to and how their getting on. Well done to everyone involved and a well deserved pat on the back

    1. ourpfa Says:

      Hello Louise thanks for the pat on back, good to have another family member log on

  7. Jacquie Law Says:

    Hi, I am looking forward to seeing lots more items on here, it will be very cool to see what my niece is doing at school, without waiting for a text message from my sister. We live a long way away and its nice to keep up with what Grace is doing.
    Auntie Jack

    1. ourpfa Says:

      Good to have someone from a far log on. Thanks

  8. Gaynor Whalley Says:

    Brilliant idea…
    It gives families a chance 2 keep up2date with school issues and events and 4 other not so close family members 2 keep in touch with everybody…
    Lets hope it is as successful as the PFA would love it 2 b and that it only adds 2 the future of Beresford school…

  9. Jo Says:

    this site looks like it could be usefull, well done…… Have taken part in fancy dress poll. Could u put the poll results in the school newsletter to direct more people here?

    1. ourpfa Says:

      Hi Jo thanks for looking us up and voting on our poll. We will be putting the results on school letters and here on the site for all to see.
      Thanks again Debbie

  10. Julieann Says:

    hi I hope this gets off the ground and it gets use because i think is good idea for parents who can not get to our pfa meetings.

    1. ourpfa Says:

      Hi Julieann
      As you say this is great for people at work they can come at a time to suit them day or night!

  11. Chris Hamilton Says:

    Think the website is really good and found it easy to use and i’m not very technology inclined well done i’m impressed

    1. ourpfa Says:

      Hi Chris, I am glad you found the site easy to use. There will be lots happening here, so please come again and if there is anything you would like us to add or anything you want putting to the vote let me know. Many thanks. Debbie

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